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Why we use Periscope and the importance of traffic to our sites. I’ll Talk a little about Private blog networks, What they are and how you can use them to augment your traffic massively, keyword research tools and how to get the email addresses of the people watching your scopes. If you don’t want to know about private blog networks, keyword research tools and how to get the email addresses of your viewers and just want access to the sales page for WP Scope – Click Here . But if you do want to find out a little more, keep reading and i’ll give you a few awesome strategies right now. But first back to Periscope.



Why do We love Periscope? It’s Free to use Made by Twitter which is HyperCONNECTED to Twitter followers and Thought Leaders that maybe You or your target niche follow


Periscope Engages people like nothing else can through LIVE video that grows audiences by sharing with your Twitter followers, your twitter followers followers and beyond helping you grow your audience lightning fast.


Periscope saves and broadcasts your Videos for 24 hours for people to see………..and then  it disappears, gone for good, never to be seen again. You’re working hard putting out content but it also takes time and effort to generate real traffic.


24 hours just isn’t realistically enough for you to do that. What If you could keep that content around for longer? It might give you time to actually generate traffic over the medium and longer term. People are  busy with their lives, Do you think those busy people might get a chance to hear your message? Do you think leveraging your work, the same work, to reach more people might be a smart thing to do? You worked hard, you shared yourself, you did your thing, you put yourself out there, people liked what you had to share so you should have the option to leverage your videos more. So the first problem WP Scope solves is keeping your video around for a lot longer. Now you can share on your own terms, on your own ground and most importantly in your own time. The second problem we can solve is getting fresh content or curating it, automatically to your site by other popular Periscope users. Do you think it might be worth having videos by people you follow, or that people listen to and admire, who may already have tens of thousands of followers, Scope-videos that are disappearing after 24 hours, videos that die hard fans and followers might be interested in seeing if they missed their chance? Do you think those videos might be worth something in your hands? With this content you can potentially get a lot of people visiting your site with some of the traffic tips FastEyeballs will be sharing with you. You want their email addresses? Set up a simple lead capture and begin harvesting emails. But don’t just take emails, make sure you deliver value to your list. Your list is an asset you own and can pay your bills if you genuinely take care of your subscribers and are willing to share yourself and what you know. Work once, reap the rewards and leverage to get more traffic. so do submit your email but keep watching until the end of this video as i talk to you now about the outline of how the PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK STRATEGY WORKS and how you can begin putting one together for more targeted traffic.


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A private blog network is a set of blogs that you own which you use to build the authority of your main money site. Your money site is the site that makes you money, the site that you would like to be ranking in google.


The function of the private blog network is to be the 1st line of defence against any updates that Google will be putting out. You can do a lot of things with your PBN which will ultimately  be gaining authority and will be passing this authority on to your main money site helping it to rank for specific keywords that you have hopefully spent some time researching. If you haven’t researched your keywords properly, then FastEyeballs guide can direct you with further instructions.
Tier1 pbn structure
Your PBN can consist of as many wordpress blogs, blogger sites, which are google owned, tumblr blogs which are yahoo owned. Having a link from these sites to your main money site gives the google web crawlers signals that your site is popular and relevant. Be sure not to get the paid wordpress.com blogs, always use the free wordpress.org site. An estimated impressive 25% of all sites on the web are built on wordpress.


When linking back to your money site, there are best practices such as using anchor text that is relevant to your keywords. Try not to use the same keyword across your entire pbn. Use synonyms of your keywords to build more natural links. You should also try to link out to an authority site from the same article. An example of an authority site would be something like wikipedia although any relevant site that is ranking on the first page of google could be considered an authority site. This tells google that you are serious about giving your readership a good experience. Google likes this. It costs you a little link juice doing this but it does give you more credibility in google’s eyes. Your blog articles do not need to be longer than 300-500 words. I get asked sometimes if you can post the same article out across the pbn. People are worried that google may penalise them for producing duplicate content. This is perfectly ok. You will not be penalised for this. Popular articles get shared out thousands of times in many cases. Content will only be penalised if it is duplicated on the same site as it becomes redundant having the same article twice on one site.


The next step is to build backlinks to your pbn. You build links from thousands of social bookmarking sites. These links add to the authority of your pbn. These links pass up the link juice to your money site via the pbn. These links can sometimes be considered spammy or irrelevant but because they are going through your pbn, your money site will always be protected.


Next you will want some social sharing to be happening. You will want people to share, like, +1 on the major social platforms. Again there are automated solutions out there that can do this but they are a very spammy tactic and won’t do you much good in the long run. You want real users interacting with your posts on social media to create the buzz that google is looking for. There are some solutions using real people that can do a very good job of this which I have shared in Fast Eyeballs.


And that is the basic structure for a pbn. Add as many wordpress, bloggers and tumblrs as you feel necessary. It can take a few weeks to start generating results but the results can be very good and being organic means they will not cost you a dime beyond your efforts of building them out.


This short instructional will teach you step-by-step how I’m personally going about getting traffic using private blog networks and additionally some FREE tools and some paid alternatives for the all-important keyword research step that so many newbies completely overlook. Please do not overlook this step, it is vital to your success. Choose your battles carefully and theres no traffic war you can’t win. I will share with you the tools i’m using to increase social engagement and some tools to help build social bookmarking backlinks for you automatically. Use the free tools or the more advanced paid tools to get the most from your efforts. The Fast Eyeballs traffic guide shared through the email opt-in near the top and bottom of this page  will show you how I’m doing it and how you can apply this yourself.