Hi, I’m Mobeen

I have never been employed or worked for a salary in my life, so in some respects, I am probably the least qualified person to tell you how to land your perfect job and I have lived through a very long list of colossal business errors losing me many millions…

So why on Earth should you listen to me?

Lost around $4million of my own hard earned money in Real Estate transactions,apartment complex constructions, trading stocks and forex markets, running businesses in recruitment and contact centres to name a few amongst various other businesses (yes I have been busy in the short 34 years of life I have led so far). All of which I wholly take responsibility for.

Never been Employed working for anybody. Travelled to around 40 countries, living in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

AND If you read my opening statements and can SEE reasons why you might want to carry on reading, GREAT! Please read on….

I both MADE and LOST millions of dollars. The experience somewhat qualifies me to be here. You wouldn't take financial advice from a broke individual, neither should you take advice from someone, who has never made a mistake in his life. I can counsel you on how to protect yourself from the downsides of your decisions and I believe I can truly give you a leg up on what it takes to make & keep your millions.

I'm certainly no overnight success story. I have failed both Spectacularly and in Quick Succession. It has taken many years of successes and prolonged years of failures, pains, doubts and an awful lot of reflection to allow me to be here today.

I very much consider myself a student of the human condition. What makes people tick? What makes people take action? I have a fascination with the ART of LEARNING and COMMUNICATION. That means I can relay ideas well enough to hold your attention for enough time that you might learn something and maybe, one day, when you’re ready and life presents you with an opportunity, you can pay it forward to someone else like I am doing here. There’s no such thing as an original idea, just ideas that come through you first. That is my wish for you and that is what it would take for me to consider this operation a success.


Equally, I hope to learn a lot from you.

 This site and it’s proverbial social tentacles are a massively conversational beast. I know I have a lot of value to offer, most especially with marketing. Having run the marketings on my own businesses for several years I can tell you there is no other work more singularly, rewarding and important than getting your message heard by as many of your target audience as possible.

Whether you’ve landed here for the duration of one article or will become a long-time avid reader and friend. Or even if you’re just plain lost and slightly amused or even angered by my words, hopefully this virtual canteen can serve up some food for thought.

Bottom line I’m here to get more Eyeballs on your business, message, your service & your product.

Getting eyeballs however is the easy part.


Before we go deeper, I implore everyone, both seasoned marketers and beginners alike to take a moment to go over the ideas encapsulated by the birds-eye view on your marketing contained within the model of influence to action I call simply, EMH.


It is only in the acceptance and usage by the market of your message, product or service that your precious creations will hold any life or MEANING. It is your job as an entrepreneur, infopreneur, technopreneur, inventor and ultimate decision-maker to ensure its acceptance, usage and understanding within its users; the market.

I want you to get Fast Eyeballs and be able to go much deeper into your customers to influence and trigger actions within every person you touch. Actions that ultimately give meaning to your works.

You may have the best, most life-changing product in the world, but without attaching and delivering meaning to the market through your product it will ultimately become nothing more than a still-born FANTASY of what could have been. Learn how to give meaning to your creations with the EMH Model. Learn to turn the passion behind Entrepreneurial Fantasies into a Daily Reality for you and your customers. Click Here to Get the 30,000ft overview of all your marketing efforts that is EMH.