How People Are Misusing Social Media

So you want to sell using social media, but can’t seem to get the clicks happening?
Chances are you’re doing this one very simple thing the wrong way around. Let’s look at how people are misusing social media so we can make the changes necessary to actually begin selling.
Why do you think this is? What could possibly be going wrong? Your product is good. It is in demand but no one seems to be biting from your pages? You are driving traffic to your product listings but still nothing significant seems to be happening. What could the common denominator be?
Social media is an ever increasing number of social platforms through which people are able to engage with one another, sometimes using content as the focal point.
The benefits of social media are:
A diversity of platforms making it very difficult to monopolise
Search engines are increasingly using information from social platforms such as facebook to compile their search listings. There have been numerous cases where titles of sites are no longer drawn from meta information but taken from facebook pages instead.
Incredible reach and almost unlimited traffic
Highly targeted by behaviours and demographics
The nature of socialis one of sharing and extending reach naturally
Provides social proof that can help purchasing decisions
Easy to buy traffic from
The drawbacks of usng social platforms are:
You don’t own your lists and must adhere to the guidelines of use provided by the platforms. This can potentially land you in trouble. It’s kind of like renting a shop retail unit that the landlord could potentially claim back at any time.
You would be well advised to diversify your platforms and never rely too much on any one. Ultimately build your email list and take the control back. Your email list is your property. But continue to reach out through social media with everyone. Often times a message must be communicated several times before it’s heard and these days it can be hard to get any mindshare at all. If you don’t want to take the sledgehammer approach to social media by posting content as frequently as every hour then consider upping your game and producing content-art LINK HERE
Entice people with your social programs, give them a glimpse of who you are, what your products stand for and be social. Give them a chance to know more about you and provide value. Make your connections stronger by interacting with people as much as possible. The name of the game is connections.
Form communities of people that support one another in the name of your product/service. Let the raving fans in your group do a lot of the heavy lifting. The proviso is that you must deliver enough value for people to believe in you or your product enough.
Manage your reputation well. This doesn’t mean removing anyone and everyone that says something against your your product. This is your opportunity to show real customer service and show just how much you care about your customers, your product and audience. Many times negative attention can be spun to demonstrate excellent customer service and awareness of issues which can work greatly in your favour. Ask questions and get under the skin of the problem to address people’s concerns directly.
The objective is to connect with as many people as possible who will come to know and love your brand. Please do not mistake this with connecting ‘to’ as many people as possible. (Link Here to blog about difference between connecting to and connecting with people) Allow your brand to become a super-connected social node. The mutual friend that everyone is somehow connected to. We’ve all heard “your network is your net worth.” Nowhere is this more true than on social media. Be the brand that connects people and makes them feel part of something. Make sure your branding becomes synonymous with the core message LINK HERE your brand stands for. Be the one connecting people and by the act of connecting people you will be adorned with the same value by assosication. Picture if you will, an example of someone who praises others in their introductions to one another. Their social status is elevated by virtue of association. Lift up the people around you that deserve praise and you will be increasing the value of your network. The biggest financial organisations are the ones that are most diversified. Barclays Plc, through its many subsidiaries is probably the best connected financial institution in the world. Most of the best connected trans national corporations are banks.