To determine relevance one of the main hinge to consider is the user friendly experience or ergonomics of your site. This basically means, your website should load quickly with reliable and responsive hosting. We recommend HOSTGATOR. A link can be found below along with several others mentioned throughout this guide. For the fastest loading times, you should not be using a shared hosting service. Dedicated servers are the single best way to speed up load times for your sites.

Each page on your site should be crawlable meaning there should be a clear path to reach every page via links starting from your homepage. This does not mean that every page needs to connected by its own link immediately from the homepage, but that each page should have a clear path starting from the homepage even if it is reachable going through several links. This will probably decrease the weight of the ultimate page as it has lost some value due to its path through multiple links but nevertheless it will still hold some weight and contribute to the overall value of the site and to the user experience. The user experience, as stated by all search engines, should be at the heart of everything you do.