google hangoutsAnother excellent source of live video. There is a great strategy that I would like to reveal to you here for how you can use Google Hangouts to have the Google search engine give your videos even more weight than through YouTube. Simply setup a Google Hangout which means you have told Google that you intend to broadcast a live Hangout sometime in the future. Post links to your site and embed the hangout to your PBN (see the section on link building strategies) with more links pointing to your main money site and start building links to your PBN. Create some social buzz using some of the tools in the Social Media Signals section. This will give Google all the right signals. Google is currently promoting hangouts and ranking them very highly, with all of the signals from social bookmarking and social media, Google will be your greatest advocate for the hangout and will promote your video and pass link juice on to your site. This strategy is a real powerhouse and we have been able to rank keywords in some cases in minutes of implementing this strategy.